Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sorry for the gaps between blogs these days

I am sorry my blog postings have been few and far between these days. We are starting a new non-profit here that launched a pet food bank, and we are busy working on that. I have also become a Dogs Deserve Better (DDB) representative for this area. I spent last Sunday chained to a dog house for 8 hours at Apodaca Park as part of DDB's annual Chain Off demonstration.

Nevertheless, my thoughts are never far from the urgent needs of our animals and the long way our community has to go to reach progressive, modern sheltering services that can better meet these the challenges we face. My next blog posting will be a continuation of the No Kill Conference's Seminar called Overcoming Internal Obstacles to Success. I will summarize the wise words of Bonney Brown, the executive director at the Nevada Humane Society.

I have no doubt the biggest obstacles to our success are internal ... inside ourselves in the mantras we repeat each day and inside our institutionalized ways of doing things the same old ways. For an example of that, look to the anonymous comment this blog just received from someone repeating the lies PETA tells to its supporters regarding No Kill sheltering. I am not sure how PETA knows anything about this subject; they use the worst shelters in the country as examples of No Kill in their propaganda, and they themselves run a shelter in Norfolk, VA, with an extremely high kill rate.

Tune later this week for my summary of how we can start to break down our own internal barriers. That's the first place we all need to start.