Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Kill Conference is next weekend!

No Kill Conference Online Updates

The nation's biggest No Kill event of the year is taking place next weekend, on May 2 and 3, in Washington, D.C. I will be there along with a few other local advocates. I'll be reporting on what we learn and experience at the conference via this blog next Saturday and Sunday and also via
The No Kill Nation's national forum. Others will also be posting their reports to this forum, including one of the featured speakers at the conference and founder of The No Kill Nation--shelter director Susan Cosby.

Everyone who is anyone in the area of No Kill will be speaking and presenting at
this conference, led by Nathan J. Winograd, the director of The No Kill Advocacy Center and author of "Redemption". Other speakers and presenters include Richard Avanzino, president of Maddie's Fund; Bonney Brown, executive director of the Nevada Humane Society; and Karen Delise, the director of the National Canine Research Council and the leading expert on fatal dog attacks and bites.

When we return from this conference, we hope to hold a public panel discussion about No Kill and share the materials/ideas we bring back with us. As soon as I know the date and time for this meeting, I'll post it here as well.

Apache Memorial

A memorial will be held in honor of Apache, the wolf-hybrid that was owned by Rev. Scott and was a local staple at our farmer's market. Last year, Apache's owner suffered a great loss when she came home to find her dogs had gotten out of the yard and Apache was implicated in a dog bite incident. Because he was considered a wild animal that was not legally allowed in the City, the dog's owner was forced to put him down.

Friends of Apache are holding a memorial in the dog's honor at Pioneer Park on May 17 from 1 to 3 p.m. If you'd like to pay your respects or show your support of Rev. Scott and her impending case against the City over this tragedy, please come out. Learn more about the alternatives to how this case could and should have been handled and help advocate for more progressive approaches to animal care and control. There are more modern, common sense ways to guarantee public safety and health while also protecting and caring for animals at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

IS there a link to the case against the city? What is scheduled at the event? Just a social gathering or a positive sit down and talk about what and how we could change the thinking of a outdated,outof touch and stubborn city leaders.