Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog posts will be few and far between

I wanted to let my blog readers know that the posts on this blog will be few and far between from this point on; in fact, they have been that way for some time now. Though I am not trying to make excuses, I choose to spend more time these days working on change than talking about it or writing about it. I've pretty much covered all areas and topics in detail that would help our community reach its no kill goals. Some of the blog posts took alot of hours of writing and research, so I hope they have been of use to someone.

I work full-time and am running a nonprofit in my spare time, so little time is left after that for blog postings. However, I will leave the blog up and will sometimes write new entries when a topic comes up locally that needs to be addressed. This will happen as time permits, so check back periodically.

Overall, what I have seen in the last couple of years from our community is more groups and individuals working together to better the lives of animals and also many individuals working hard to help other individuals. I believe that this work will pay off over time.

Few of us have any real impact or power over how our official animal-welfare powers that be operate -- whether this is our AC departments or our animal shelter. I don't think we'll ever have an impact until we ourselves make an impact in the wider community. Many of the programs and services that lead to no kill can be administered and operated outside of the sheltering system. That is where I am focusing my efforts personally with my work with ACTion Programs for Animals.

That said, keep voicing your opinions to our local leaders. Keep demanding the best there is to offer for our homeless and abandoned animals. If we keep up these demands, they will someday listen or someone who has power will understand what is needed and will make the widespread changes that many of us are still waiting for.

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Guinea pig care said...

Good luck with your efforts to better the way in which animals are treated. I recently adopted a guinea pig and intent to adopt more.

I hope we will soon live in a world free of animal abuse and neglect.